Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Have you ever wondered who has the upper hand in the relationship ...... pets or us ? According to my experience - pets.
Take the case of my cat Tubby... Come morning , I have to wake up to his mewing ranging from pitiful to demanding to downright maelvolent. Be it a Sunday or a weekday, I have to be awake for His Majesty at 6 a.m. I have to grope out of my bed, eyes shut , stumble to the kitchen, open the fridge , open my eyes to search for his meal, dump it in the microwave ( he likes his meals to be nuked for exactly 30 secs ..you see) and note- not dump but serve it in his plate.

By this time I am fully awake to not go back to sleep. Voila, my lazy Sunday lie-in is ruined.

At other meal times, I try to train myself not to jump to his demands. I purposely try to continue with my work . If I am at the computer, his Lordship jumps on to my lap at first. If I don't get up he stretches over the keyboard. I have had many of assignments ruined this way cos I was a second to late to save. If I am doing other work in the kitchen, his highness takes root on the worktop and fixes me with a beady look.

To top it all if I am in the bathroom , he waits on the doormat to hurry me out. I am sure one fine day, I am going to stumble over him and lose a tooth or break a bone.
Another selfish quality is to hog the sofa. We have this very huge , very comfy sofa in the living room which is coveted by all of us. Since Lord Tubby is in the house throughtout the day he gets the option of parking himself onto it all the time. The rest of us end up on the not so comfy armchairs. Thank God , he doesnt like to sleep in our beds or we would be doomed to spend the nights on the floor.
But the most endearing quality of his is to get everything he has hunted to show me. Many a times I have been proudly shown his kill the day which could be a grasshopper or a butterfly or a small mouse and on two occassions pigeons. I can never forget the gory scene of a headless pigeon bleeding all over the stairs. I did discover my talent for screaming that day.
Many such noble traits make up my cat which leave no room for doubt........ he has the upper hand in our relationship.


  1. Great stuff
    I liked it very much.

    Mandar Gadre

  2. Does the "hubby" also count ? I asked since it rhymes with "tubby" !!! Good idea, Vaishali - Shashank

  3. Hey Vaishali, Keep this going !!! Great way with words....